Discounted Store Online Crocheted Barbie Dress Set Of 3 Fresno Mall

Crocheted Barbie Dress Set Of 3
Crocheted Barbie Dress Set Of 3

I recently started making Barbie doll clothes for people whose children owned barbies. I made the pattern myself. Each dress has a bow on it that ties in the back as shown in pictures. The dresses are handmade making it unique. It is impossible to get two dresses exactly the same as they are handmade. The 8 dresses in the picture are for sale. I also have dresses in other colors in the same style, if these are not the colors you are looking for. I have everyday color dresses as well as Barbie doll dresses in holiday colors. The dresses in this listing are only sold as sets of 3. There is another listing for individual dresses. You can email me at and I can send you photos of what I have available. Or contact me here on etzy. Please contact me before ordering so I can let you know what colors I have available and you can pick from those. Act quickly if you want these colors as they may sell out. The Barbie model is not for sale. The dresses should be handwashed and hung to dry. These will make great gifts for the Barbie doll owners in your life.



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