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Tie Dye Outfit
Tie Dye Outfit

This (BYE) Tie Dye set was designed and dyed to set each and every little girl apart from the next. The primary color will be pink but you are free to choose the secondary which will bring the Uniqueness in the outfit.

BYE means (Be Yourself Everyday) meaning to believe in who you are, stay true to yourself and if anyone around you don#39;t like it then, tell them BYE. Many kids are bullied and lose who they are because someone do not like something about them or the clothing they are wearing. It#39;s time to put a stop to that and help our little girls take their power back and love who they are, NO MATTER WHAT.

Be Empowered, Be Strong, Be You!

and Yes the white hair bow is included = alligator clip med bow



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