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Synthetic strop V2. Vegan friendly (for straight razor)
Synthetic strop V2. Vegan friendly (for straight razor)

Hello! I have two variants of this strop with chrome color of rings and pins and with black. And 2 or 3 inch wide.

I present my new handmade vegan strop for sharpening straight razors, knives, chisels and other cutting tools.

Dimensions of the working part of 2 inch wide : 18”x2quot;(460x60 mm) and weight 0.11 lb (50 gram).
And 3 inch wide: 18quot;x3quot;(460x76 mm) and weight 0.13 lb (60 gram)

It is not leather. This is a special synthetic material with special properties without the need for any abrasive or paste. Materials in the strop are made of two parts: 1) Backing - is made from cotton and polyester. 2) Surface - is made from special polypropylene. Note that chinese-made strops from other vendors also claim to have polypropylene materials, but they are very different and inferior in sharpening quality, a significant difference that you will feel.

This strop is even better than the last version (with silver color) and the material is not like cheaper Chinese strops! The strop has two equal sides. Each side has better wear resistance than leather. This is very durable material! It does not need oil and does not need care. I am a vegan, and I do not use any tools in making the strop which have come into contact with leather or meat or anything like that, you know!

Sharpening with the strop is very fast. You need only 20-40 laps for sharpening a straight razor. This sharpens that straight razor well, very well. How good? Like best leather. If this strop sharpens your razor worse than your current leather or synthetic strop tell me and I will refund your money. This strop may not be as good as a Kanayama strop, but better than any other!

The strop is very flexible. You can fold it for storage or transportation. It is very light;
The strop can be used with pastes: diamond, chromium oxide, iron oxide, Dialux, and others. Paste can be applied with solvent. You can clean the strop with solvent or water to cleanse dirt or pastes and do that many many times.

Work with the strop is possible even with a large slack, as the strop is very soft and it will not damage an edge.
Here is a link to the YouTube description of the strop in Russian with English subtitles.



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