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Wooden ring set for couples • Handmade wooden rings
Wooden ring set for couples • Handmade wooden rings


Our wooden couple ring set is handmade, we use the bentwood method to make them super durable. Minimalistic, yet very unique style with high quality ebony and kiaat wood. Each wooden ring is made only with hands, love, and care.

♥ What you#39;ll get ♥
❯ 1x Handmade Woman Wooden Ring Bow - Zebrano.
❯ 1x Handmade Men Wooden Ring Victory - Ebony.
❯ 1x Gift packaging.
❯ 1x Personalized note.

♥ Why you#39;ll love the ♥
❯ Handmade with love and care.
❯ Every piece of jewelry is made on order so each piece of wood is different and unique. The color and grain pattern of each wooden ring, earrings, or necklace varies.
❯ All our wooden rings are made with the bentwood method. This makes the rings strong and durable.
❯ Wooden rings are very light and thin, making it very comfortable to wear.
❯ The wood ring is natural and eco-friendly.
❯ If it#39;s a gift we can add a personalized note (write it as a note to seller).

♥♥♥ Where do I write the text for a personalized note? ♥♥♥
When you select the ring size and get to the cart you can “Add an optional note to seller” where you can tell us what you want to be written on the note.

♥ Made for love, made with love. ♥
Our mission is to help everyone realize how important are small gestures, especially the words of love. We truly believe that telling our loved ones why we love them more often can strengthen our relationships.

We went a step further by making wood rings, necklaces, and earrings that serve as a totem and remind you why you love that person.

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