High Quality & Worldwide Shipping Beautiful rare yew shelf~shelving~one of a kind~black industrial Animer and price revision

Beautiful rare yew shelf~shelving~one of a kind~black industrial
Beautiful rare yew shelf~shelving~one of a kind~black industrial


This striking seasoned yew plank has been lovingly handcrafted from
raw timber to finished piece; chosen specifically from the farm in Worcestershire where it was felled
for its unique shape, vivid pink, purple and orange colours and unusual live edge.

Yew is known for its symbolism of longevity, immortality and regeneration, as is one of the longest lived native species in Europe. Yew timber is incredibly strong and durable, and was used for centuries to make long bows and hand tools, so this unique table is descended from a historic line of strength as well as beauty, and will carry on this tradition in your home for many years to come.

Yew wood is quire hard to acquire; it is a rare find. This is why our carpenter has ensured time and the very best craftsmanship has been dedicated to this particular piece.

All natural splits, edges and grain have all been carefully treated and incorporated into the process of making this piece in order to maximise effect and impact of this stunning item.

In our workshop, the natural finish has been achieved through a complex process of hand sanding with specialised tools and the knowledge and craftsmanship of the carpenter.

A carefully selected oil (boiled linseed) and a varnish finish in the bark has been used to Compliment the differing grains of the wood, creating parts which have a natural sheen;this is in contrast with the almost leather look finish of the bark, with its natural roughness and pits which permeate through the wood.

This shelf could easily be used as console or side table by adding hairpin legs; please enquire if this is of interest.

Dispatch is within 5-7 days. Delivery to non Uk mainland may not be the £30 on the listing, please ask before purchase to confirm coatings.

Dimensions are approx
Thickness -2.3cm



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