Fast + Free Shipping Resin polishing paste. A SET of MAIN + FINISHING polishing paste Top Quality One

Resin polishing paste. A SET of MAIN + FINISHING polishing paste
Resin polishing paste. A SET of MAIN + FINISHING polishing paste

✿ High quality polishing paste for the main and the final polishing steps.
- Eliminates miner scratches and defects, that where left after the sanding process.
- Finishing paste gives the resin piece a final glossy finish.
✿ Arrives in hard plastic containers, as shown in the pictures, inside a reliable cardboard shipping box.
✿ Pure weight of the polishing paste (without the container) is 100 grams - 50g+50g

* MAIN polishing paste - white color
* FINISHING polishing paste - gray color

✿ If you need polishing heads for polishing resin jewelry - they can be found here:

? You will receive 2 pastes, white and grey, as shown in the pictures.
? STAGE 1 (white paste) comes first. It is the MAIN polishing paste. You do most of the polishing process with it.
? STAGE 2 (gray paste) is the FINISHING polishing paste. It only gives a final glossy finish, to make the piece extra shiny.

?You first apply the 1st stage polishing paste (white one) and polish your piece until all the scratches are gone and resin piece becomes shiny.
? Only then you apply 2 polishing paste (gray one) to add a final glossy finish to your piece.
? P. S. You only use gray paste when you have finished polishing the piece with white paste. When you see, that there are no scratches left and the surface is nice and even.


✿ Colors may vary on different computer monitors and in different lighting conditions.

✿ We ship worldwide via First Class mail from Estonia (European Union). Every package is sent by Expedited Shipping and comes with a Tracking number!
✿ Shipping for second and each additional item from my shop is absolutely free! (Let me know if the shipping cost isn#39;t changing automatically BEFORE paying)

✿ If you have any questions - just contact me. I#39;m always happy to help!



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