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Rebirth of Love - Archangel Painting
Rebirth of Love - Archangel Painting

Having this beautiful watercolor painting can assist you with heightening your inner Self-Love for deeper trust within. This painting is infused with Reiki healing and Archangel Light Language codes to help all those who own it to heighten their self-love and empowerment within. Your high vibrational watercolor art piece is hand painted during a special Archangel(s) channeling. This beautiful piece was a channeled healing gift from Archangel Raphael. This watercolor painting is an original art piece and is 16quot;x20quot; in size on white canvas, ready to hang.

This Reiki Archangel art is handcrafted with watercolor and metallic gel paint that will be a great addition to your yoga studio, healing art center, reiki room, or any room in your house or office. This art piece will bring any space a higher vibrational frequency of positive vibes, love and healing.

More about this art and how to use it:
quot;Rebirth of Lovequot; can be used in the following way, but it is not limited to this way of use because it is a multidimensional art. Which means, it has many healing layers that you will have fun unlocking for years to come, smile.

Suggested use (but not necessary to receive its healing benefits): Hold your hand on your heart, breathe into your heart space while looking at your art piece. Ask the Archangel#39;s to assist you with awakening your inner self-love and consciousness to the highest level available to you now. Allow this energy to flow into your Heart chakra for your highest and greatest good. Allow this piece to also touch the hearts and higher consciousness of all those that encounter it. Allow the Reiki healing to inspire your higher soul#39;s calling by visualizing your higher self as your guiding light with the help of the Archangels. Feel your heart space filled with love, faith, and safety.

What does it feel like? You may experience a deep loving presence surrounding. You may also feel more grounded with your higher self. You may also feel tingling, warm, or lighter feeling throughout out your body. This is the Reiki and higher frequency of Archangel love filling your aura and spiritual body. It is perfectly safe and there are no side effects, Reiki is only love. Smile!

Although this is a custom original art piece I do also except requests for repainting this piece. If you would like more than one, please email me directly at to place additional requests. Note, I will try my best to recreate this art piece and all duplicate art piece to as exact a replica possible. I also do custom watercolor paintings for new quot;intentionsquot; requests. I can channel an Archangel art piece just for your quot;intentionsquot;.

Note: Before mailing the art piece I will infuse your art piece with Reiki healing for your highest and greatest good.

Note about Reiki: Reiki healing is a safe and natural way to heal, expand your consciousness, build self-love, soul empowerment and/or receiving higher gifts from the Divine, plus.



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