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Emerald Ring, 14 carat solid gold
Emerald Ring, 14 carat solid gold

Stacking ring with emerald (natural stone) handmade from 14 carat yellow gold. This stacking ring has a hammered surface. The emerald is faceted and 2mm in diameter. It is custom made especially for you.

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Trudi Phelka - Minimalist gold and silver jewelry

Shipping within 1-2 working days
We at Trudi Phelka make all jewelry entirely by hand. All rings are specially made to measure and we also make the chains by hand. Handmade takes time, which is why we need 1-2 business days to make your order. As soon as your order is ready, it will go on the bus. We only use the best materials when manufacturing our minimalist jewelry.

Our gold-filled jewelry is durable and the layer of gold does not wear out. The gold content used in our gold-filled jewelry is 14/20.

Solid gold, sterling silver and gold plated silver (expired)
You can come to us for jewelry of 14k solid gold or sterling silver. Because we are very fan of yellow gold, we often gild our sterling silver jewelry. On our Etsy site you often see the gilded version, because they are easier to photograph. We do the gilding ourselves. This is done very carefully. Gilded jewelry loses the golden color at some point and your jewelry then gets its original silver color back. The base material on which we gild is always the highest quality sterling silver. Tips to enjoy your gilded jewelry for as long as possible: do not use perfumes on the jewelry, no greasy creams and take off your ring as much as possible when washing hands. Don#39;t try to shower with it. If you invest in a solid gold piece of jewelry of 14k gold then you can enjoy your jewelry for a lifetime and you can wash hands with it, shower etc.



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