Discount Dealers 8 Slot Flower Pour Over Tool ©, Bottle Bottom Gadget Acrylic Pou Cheap Deals Vhc

8 Slot Flower Pour Over Tool ©, Bottle Bottom Gadget Acrylic Pou
8 Slot Flower Pour Over Tool ©, Bottle Bottom Gadget Acrylic Pou

This Flower Pour Over Tool was carefully crafted by an Acrylic Pouring Artist for Acrylic Pouring Artists - 100% from the ground up and is copyright protected. I ensured that it is durable, sturdy and functional, designed around my 3 years of experience as an Acrylic Pouring Artist.

Eight slot flower pour over tool was designed to allow the paint to flow to create a unique flower shape. Easy and fun to use!
Very easy to clean and use again!
Measures 2 1/4 wide by 3/4 inches thick.

Why did we choose PLA Filament to 3D print our cups?
We chose PLA primarily because its biodegradable. When its practical, we should all do a little to reduce our carbon footprint :) Also, because its strong and resists warping. Plus - you get to save some money by having a sturdy reusable cup :)

It’s a hard material, but PLA is not a perfect material and, just like every other plastic, has some disadvantages. The low melting temperature also means low-temperature resistance. Parts start to lose mechanical strength at temperatures over 60 °C. Therefor, you should never put these in the dishwasher or soak them in scalding hot water. We recommend that you only use Acrylic Paint in these cups and rinse/soak soon after a pour in cold to luke warm water for clean up.

This design as well as other designs featured in my Etsy Shop, were designed by me, Tracie Reed. They are Copyright protected and cannot be copied and sold without written permission from me. No one else is permitted to sell this design. If anyone else is selling this design, please report them to Etsy. They will be told to remove the listing due to breaking copyright laws which are outlined here:



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