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LotteLudwig - Daredevils - Denim Jacket - Paper Pattern - Men#
LotteLudwig - Daredevils - Denim Jacket - Paper Pattern - Men#

The daredevil is basically a classic denim jacket cut:
loose, but still slightly cut to figure.

But unlike other denim jackets, you can sew the daredevil not only classically unlined for the summer, but also with lining for the transitional period.

With a lambfel limit or a beautiful (organic) plush, a super cool trucker jacket in the style of the 70s/80s is created.

The jacket has large side pockets in a dividing seam and small chest pockets that complete the look, but can also be sewn as fake pockets.

Material recommendation: Jeans, corduroy, broad cord, canvas, dry oilskin, oilskin, flannel, quilting, plush or other woven fabrics.
Sizes: Size 44 - 58

Here#39;s it all:

Paper cut patterns in A0, in grayscale, parts do not overlap (without seam addition)
detailed instructions for downloading
A4-section for later self-printing as a download in the instructions (under the item quot;Printquot;)
Video guide

The sewing pattern is plastic-free packed in a beautiful pergamin envelope! The paper cut pattern has a side strip with holes for convenient filing.

To the cuts of LotteLudwig:
The sewing patterns of Lotte Ludwig are for all those who would like to sew something special, but which is not too playful.
The garments have that special something and shine with a touch of nostalgia and their cool nonchalance.

The clothing should work through its cut lines and not only through wild fabric pattern combinations. The sewing patterns are practical, well thought-out, changeable and can be applied again and again. They are not too minimalist, so only one seam has to be closed, but also not ornate. You can learn to sew with our sewing patterns, but you should not be a bloody beginner.

With our instructions, we want to convey knowledge that customers can also use beyond the pattern. For the love of craftsmanship!

© All rights to this cut are with Lotte and Ludwig (Svenja Morbach). The sewing pattern may only be used for private use. It is not allowed to use the sewing pattern for the production of sales items. Copying and passing on the instructions are not permitted. No liability is assumed for errors in the instructions.



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