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Red Lingzhi Spores | Certificated Red Lingzhi Spores | Special H
Red Lingzhi Spores | Certificated Red Lingzhi Spores | Special H


Origins: Lam Dong Province

Red Lingzhi spores is a very small organ (about 5.5 - 10.2 μm), invisible to the naked eye, released after the spawning of Red Lingzhi and becomes the seed of Ganoderma. When Red Lingzhi releases spores, looking through sunlight will see spores fly through like smoke clinging to the face of Red Lingzhi forming a thin layer of very fine reddish brown dust, like basalt red soil, so called Lingzhi mushroom spore powder. Red Lingzhi Spores is the essence of Red Lingzhi that contains many nutrients and pharmacological properties, can enhance health and help treat disease.

According to research by scientists, Red Lingzhi spores contain many selenium, organic germanium, polysaccharides Peptides, enzymes ... which are used to increase the body#39;s immunity, support system regulation Nerve system, improve digestive system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, filter blood, help the liver detoxify, protect liver and strongly increase cell function.

Red Lingzhi Spores help prolong the life of cancer patients, minimize the metastasis of cancer cells, reduce the pain of the patient, help minimize the side effects caused by radiation therapy, chemotherapy (improving vomiting, hair loss, headache, cough, diarrhea, susceptibility to infection ...), helps prevent cancer recurrence and recurrence.

In addition, Red Lingzhi spores also help diabetics improve blood circulation, insulin, improve pancreatic function, support lower blood sugar. Using for a while can help people with chronic hepatitis slow down the cirrhosis process, and at the same time, Red Lingzhi spores also help people prevent cirrhosis.

According to experience and practical use, the spots and freckles on the face will be easily removed when using the Lingzhi spores mixed with sugar-free yogurt to make a mask, after a short time you will possesses flawless smooth skin.

How to use:

Red Lingzhi spores have 2 very hard shells, in order for active ingredients inside the spores to be released to help the body absorb easily, use ultrasound or dissolution enzymes, but the spores have broken the shell easily. oxidized if not stored well. Therefore, the simplest way to break the hard shell is to boil Red Lingzhi spores with boiling water for 10-15 minutes to soften the crust, when using an acidic environment in the stomach plus alkaline medium in the intestine will do dissolve the crust, thanks to which the body absorbs the medicinal substances.

Or add a spoonful of Red Lingzhi spore powder to 300-500ml of boiling water, stir, and let cool. Before drinking, stir well or shake vigorously.
Can be served hot or chilled. Note: Red Lingzhi powder is not completely soluble in water, insoluble part can be consumed.
Can mix with alcohol to drink. Add about 2 tablespoons of Ganoderma spores in 750ml 40oC wine, shake well.

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