Discounts On Deals Jade Bangle 51.5mm (2.08quot;), Oval Shape, Dark Green, Natural Max 68% OFF

Jade Bangle 51.5mm (2.08quot;), Oval Shape, Dark Green, Natural
Jade Bangle 51.5mm (2.08quot;), Oval Shape, Dark Green, Natural


? Jade Bangle 51.5mm (2.08quot;), Oval Shape, Dark Green

? Untreated Natural Jadeite/ Grade A Jade/ Certified
? Jade from Myanmar/ Burma
? 100% handmade carving
? Shape : Oval
? Inner diameter : 53.6 x 49.5mm ---gt; best fit for round shape 51.5mm / 2.08quot;
? Color : Dark Green
? Free standard shipping from Hong Kong with tracking included
? Take approximately 7-21 days to arrive worldwide

❤️ In Chinese Culture:
*** Young people wear jade pendant will have a prosperous life, attracts good luck and friendship
*** Old people wear jade pendant will have a healthy life longevity as well as bring harmony
*** Young women wear jade pendant will increases love and nurturing, get the children they want and maintain good marriage
*** Perfect gifts for HER



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  • Discounts On Deals Jade Bangle 51.5mm (2.08quot;), Oval Shape, Dark Green, Natural Max 68% OFF

    Discounts On Deals Jade Bangle 51.5mm (2.08quot;), Oval Shape, Dark Green, Natural Max 68% OFF leading global athletic footwear and apparel retailer. Jade Bangle 51.5mm (2.08quot;), Oval Shape, Dark Green, Natural Sale With Coupon Codes Very Rare These stud earrings are made with Solid 14k Yellow Gold Genuine Arizona Turquoise Gemstone SI Clarity G-H Color Diamond Stud Earrings Handmade Minimalist Fine Jewelry. • SKU: SGE00553• Made to Order.• Gold Purity: 14K Solid Yellow Gold (stamped)• Custom Gold Color: Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold• Custom Gold Purity: 9K/14K/18K (Charges Apply)• Diamond 100% Genuine Diamond• Diamond Weight: 0.08 ct.• Diamond Color: G-H• Diamond Clarity: SI1- SI2• Diamond Cut: Brilliant Cut (Excellent)• Turquoise Weight: 0.20 ct.Product Measurements:-Earrings Size: 5 mm✦ Size can be customized as per your request, please mention the required size in buyer notes (Charges may apply)_______________✦ Shipping_______________We are located in USA NY, We ship worldwide by USPS, UPS, and FedEx.Since most items are #39;made to order, please note that it may take up to 1 - 2 weeks for items to be ready for shipping. However, most of the orders will be shipped within a week.Estimated delivery time after the order shipped.- Domestic Shipping : 3 - 5 days- International Expedited Shipping: 7- 15 Days✦ 14 days return policy________________If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your item within 14 days.✦Always welcome for Custom Orders. Jewelry\ => Earrings\ => Stud Earrings Solid 14k Yellow Gold Genuine Arizona Turquoise Gemstone SI Cl

    Discounts On Deals Jade Bangle 51.5mm (2.08quot;), Oval Shape, Dark Green, Natural Max 68% OFF

    Discounts On Deals Jade Bangle 51.5mm (2.08quot;), Oval Shape, Dark Green, Natural Max 68% OFF Olaf snowman snowwoman Skeleton latex face and chest set embracing innovation has been a cornerstone of our growth and customer loyalty over the past 10 years – encompassing technologies such as ai, computer vision, natural language processing and machine translation. Looks great and enjoyed painting it! My Instagram followers seemed to really like this cosplay! ?as soon as I saw this Krampus mask, I had to have it, Kelly is a very talented artist and the mask and accessories were even better in the flesh, I've now got to create my costume to go with it, Thankyou Kelly.Unreal quality just made my Halloween outfit come to life! So happy with my purchase!used this for my grinch makeup look! it was my first time using a prosthetic so it didn’t turn out as well as i’d hoped but the prosthetic itself seems well made and it did the job! Jade Bangle 51.5mm (2.08quot;), Oval Shape, Dark Green, Natural PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION AS IT MAY ANSWER ANY QUERIES YOU MAY HAVE. ***PLEASE EXPECT DELAY#39;S AROUND HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS PERIODS AS IT IS WHEN THERE IS AN INCREASE IN ORDERS.   THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE***    This sale is for - A skeletal bone like chest piece And aMummfied decayed face prosthetic The face does not come with the carrot nose. This would need to be trimmed and added yourself Just like horrify me used it for Which Can be used for a variety of charactersIt comes as unpainted latex it can be used for a variety of characters such as comic characters it is very reusable i have items to go with this please check my listing Now for further important information and most asked about questions      Quality handmade items   I am a one girl business, I hand make all prosthetics to order. I have sculpted the items and made the mould and then I can make the prosthetic items for sale, therefore I can take requests for items that aren’t listed yet, so do let me know if there is something you are after but not yet found and hopefully I can help you out (I get large requests leading up to Halloween so you need to get in there early)     Material The items are made from liquid latex or gelatine encapsulated in liquid latex, this makes them strong and durable and very re-useable   I can offer some prosthetics in different materials such as gelatine, foam, or silicone, I will state in the information section above #39;#39;this sale is for #39;#39; per item, if it can be cast in any other material, so read in that area if you wanted to know regarding those materials.      - Materials you can use to apply -    Paint Unfortunately all the items I sell are plain colours and cannot be pre painted - I suggest you paint them using, grease paints, pax paints. Acrylic paints or creams. Water based colours are known to work too. However if I do have a colour latex in stock, within the notes section of your purchase please request a colour you may require and I can potentially send them as that colour (such as blue / green etc. etc. - if I cannot meet this request I shall just send them plain )    Adhesive You can use any prosthetic adhesive such as Spirit gum, Mastix, Latex, Telesis, Pros aide, Aqua FX, or Snappy G, It all depends on the budget you have. I highly recommend aqua FX as a cheap but good adhesive, however if you have a high budget and the prosthetic must stay in place for a long period of time, I recommend Telesis or pros aide. p.s these adhesives also help to blend out any edges         ***please note I cannot sell any type of makeup or adhesives for insurance purposes, sorry so please do your research on where to buy them :) *****     How to apply them    Videos  please be aware not all of the pieces I sell have a video on how to apply them yet, however the method is usually the same or very similar (one day I eventually hope to have a tutorial on each and every prosthetic I sell )   Here is the link to one tutorial - please click on other videos if you feel necessary   Images  please look at the picture I have added to the listing, for an image break down of how I applied a piece - even if it’s not the prosthetic you are purchasing , remember the method is the same or similar   Instructions   1. Position the prosthetic, if necessary cut to size and then powder around the edges, so you know where to place the adhesive against your skin  2. Place adhesive on the prosthetics and your skin    3. Add cotton wool to any hollow areas of the prosthetic to bulk out any of those areas (if necessary - not all pieces will need this step) 4. Press into place once the adhesive is tacky 5. Add latex / adhesive around the edge, pushing up to the edge to blend the edges,  6. Once the edges are dried, powder down to mattify the area 7. Paint over the top, to match skin tone / fantasy design and add any details using cream/ grease / pax / water colour paints    Postage / packaging  When will I post the item? I aim to make and post the item within 3 days (on less busier periods it can be made and posted on the same day - however some items I only own one mould for, and when there are large orders of one specific design it can delay the making of that one specific style. ****** Please let me know if there is a specific date you want your items by- if it’s a short time - I can usually accommodate**** UK 1st class tracking  Packages will be tracked 1st class postage from the UK - tracking is for the comfort of me and for you to be able to track and trace the items and with hope of less lost packages. however if the package does seem delayed, please contact me and ask for tracking number - but please do be patient if I do not reply straight away -do not panic  I will reply and I will have proof of tracking, because I always post with tracking!!! Next day delivery UK If you want next day delivery its approximately £7.50 for a weekday or £13.50 for a weekend (for the UK) - if you want this option then please request payment total after you’ve added item to the basket Airmail from the UK Airmail charges are more expensive for postage. Sorry but it is out of my control, and the estimated delivery is a minimum of 5-7 working days.  However there is express delivery of 2-3 working days but that costs £60 - if you want this service please add your items to the basket and request for the new total costs. (After letting, me know you want this service of course) Combined postage   I will combine postage, if the total isn’t taken off automatically at the basket, do send me a message or leave it in your purchase notes and I can refund any postage difference costs   Defects / issues  Please be aware that some of the prosthetics may look bumpy on the underside of it (the part you stick to your skin) as I hand stipple latex in layers, therefore it looks bumpy as it dries, however it will not affect the front of the design (- the side you will actually be painting)   Edges The edges of the prosthetic can come thin or thick depending on how many layers have been done. Sometimes I leave a thin wispy edge on – it may seem scruffy to you but the thinner wispy edge can be easier to blend into the skin .or if sometimes those edges are damaged when removing from the mould, the edges are cut and will look neater. No piece will ever be exact same to previous pieces even if it’s used from the same mould   Larger thicker pieces  some of the bulkier items will be layered with cotton wool and latex  (an old school method) - but if you are concerned and don’t want to purchase an item with This method ,  it will be stated in the #39;#39;this sale is for #39;#39; section of this information above and it will not be included without your knowing so    Contact If there are any issues or you are unhappy please contact me first, if I do not answer immediately, please do not panic, I will answer. Please take note that I am a one woman business, I am also a single mum, running a freelance business, which also means I do other work other than just making and selling these pieces, therefore some other things can affect me getting online to reply to you. I will reply and aim for your customer satisfaction. If you are concerned if I do not answer quickly enough, then follow #39;resolve issues #39; sections through eBay, before leaving negative feedback please. (I previously was ill with tonsillitis and couldn’t get online and someone left me bad feedback as I could resolve their issue within one week! so please understand other things could potentially delay me)    Weekends Please take in account that postage doesn’t count weekends and I also work away at weekends and that may delay my making time (not every weekend though)       Aftercare and other information of your re-useable pieces – REFUNDS I will refund the costs of the item if you are return the item within 2 weeks unused. Unfortunately I cannot refund postage costs sorry Latex prosthetics Gently remove the prosthetic using a cotton bud and a really oily remover Wipe clean using cotton and a makeup cleanser or washing up liquid For tougher areas use a stronger product such as white spirit or IPA It is recommended to patch test any adhesive or paints on your skin before any use to test if you are allergic. ****For the Nose pieces that cover the nostril - There are breathing holes, but you can create more if require using scissors and have a gentle pressure else you could damage the piece. Fur pieces – Brush or stroke gently in the direction you need it and set with a small amount of hairspray if necessary. ********** Please use prosthetic items at your own risk I am not liable for any injury caused in your application or use of prosthetics******* Thank you for looking Accessories\ => Costume Accessories\ => Masks Prosthetics\ => Prosthetics Cheap Sellers
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