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handmade,pacifier chain,baby accessory,special design,newborn je
handmade,pacifier chain,baby accessory,special design,newborn je

Product overview:
* handmade product
* made to order
*custom design made
*our materials: silicone, metal, wool cotton yarn, wooden materials,
*sent all over the world from Turkey,

Product details:
*You can get pacifier chains decorated with your child#39;s name with wooden beads and small amugurumi balls embroidered with handmade crochet.
*A beautiful, special lasting gift for your newborn babies.
*We design our chains for you the way you want. We can make them according to the length you want. Please specify in detail when ordering.
*Our products are made maximum 22 cm in accordance with the law.
* all of our products are prepared with covid 19 measures and * our packaging is carefully and meticulously prepared.

Used materials:
*wood clips
*plastic beads
* wooden beads
*mesh beads
* elastic cord, parachute rope
*wool cotton rope

*We knit the knitted beads with wool cotton, we place the beads inside and turn them into knitting beads.
*Clips are completely made of wood. Lock part consists of metal.
*Letters are made of hard plastic and wood.(i,ü,ö,etc)
*The colors of our products do not fade, do not rust, and do not contain harmful substances..
* You can clean it with a damp cloth.
Our security alerts:
*Our pacifier chains are not toys.
*There is a risk of suffocation due to the cords. Therefore, it should be used under adult supervision.
*Please check the product before each use. In case of damage or breakage, please destroy the product.
*Do not tie our products loosely. Otherwise, your baby will risk suffocation.
*Please do not extend the length of the chain, it is designed to be 22 cm max.

You dream it, we produce it.
We offer you a perfect design product to keep your baby a lasting memory.
Our pacifier chains are free to ship worldwide.

I thank you in advance for your orders.



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