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Wool Fleece Pants - Kids Pants Boys - Night Blue - Outdoor Cloth
Wool Fleece Pants - Kids Pants Boys - Night Blue - Outdoor Cloth

Children#39;s wool fleece pants in night blue

our soft wool fleece pants are fantastic companions for children who like to play outside.

• they warm even if they have become wet.

• absorbs about a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet

Warming and temperature-balancing

Wool is the warmest fibre ever. Due to its pine-cone-like fiber structure, the wool fibre contains a lot of air cushions and can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling moist, and wool also has a temperature-balancing effect. Due to these fiber properties, it is possible that a high heat effect is achieved with comparatively little material. Therefore, you only need a few textile layers to put babies cozy warm. This means that your baby is dressed nicely warm, both in the baby carrier or in the pram, but also in the towel, because our wool fabrics wear little compared to padded baby clothes and protect against heat build-up.

Outdoor clothing for toddlers

The cuddly trousers are ideal as outdoor pants for toddlers.

The temperature-balancing properties do not make the little ones sweat excessively if they want to change their mind again and again and still have a break in the children#39;s room or a nap in the stroller.

In very cold or uncomfortable drizzle, a pair of mud pants can be simply pulled over.

100% virgin wool

Material waist cuffs:
96% cotton
4% elastane

Material foot cuffs:
96% wool
4% elastane

The Ulalue natural children#39;s items are made exclusively from ecologically flawless materials.

• Colouring and equipment meet the highest ecological standards.

• The cotton used comes from certified organic farming.

• Processed virgin wool from controlled organic animal husbandry kbT.

Cleaning and care

Wool is naturally imperfable to dirt and therefore generally only needs to be washed rarely. Odours can be removed by simple ventilation, coarse dirt can be removed with careful brushing and liquids simply bead off.


Washable - hand wash cold or hand wash wool cold, each with wool detergent. From time to time a lanolin wool rinse is recommended. In order to keep the wool fabric beautiful, you should avoid temperature fluctuations, as well as strong wring or rubbing during washing.

Care wool fleece special

Wool fleece tends to pilling a bit. Pilling is called small nodules that form on the surface of the fabric. They are caused by friction and are a normal phenomenon. This nodule formation can be met with wool combs that remove the nodules.



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