Max 45% OFF Brown Leather Apple Watch Band for ALL type, Hand Tooled Leather Offer Online

Brown Leather Apple Watch Band for ALL type, Hand Tooled Leather
Brown Leather Apple Watch Band for ALL type, Hand Tooled Leather


Welcome to my Exclusive Leather Craft Shop!

Every single one of our item is designed by me. What is more? Hand cut, hand carved and hand stitched ALL by myself. I do NOT USE machines (except coffee machine of course : )
I only use the best high quality SELECTED Spanish, German, Italian and Hungarian Full Grain Leather to create my artistic leather Items for YOU!
I have 30 years of experience behind me and you can find my leather bags and accessories in all around the world, in 43 different countries.


CUSTOM Leather Apple Watch Band Straps for ALL Apple watch type: 42mm 44mm 40mm 38mm Dark Brown Color for new iWatch series 6 5 4 3 2 1
✔ Handmade Genuine Leather Apple Band
✔ CUSTOM Apple Watch for Apple Watch Band for ALL TYPE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
✔ Connectors: Made by Stainless Steel. Apple watch band 44mm 42mm 40mm 38mm
✔ Materials: Genuine Brown Leather, Expertise Craftsman
✔ Durable For Your Daily Use For Years, 10 years guarantee
✔ Ultra Soft Comfortable on Your Wrist
✔ Made Of FULL GRAIN High-Quality Leather, Stainless Steel Connectors 38mm 40mm 42mm or 44mm, Super (Black/Silver/Rose Gold/Gold) STINGRAY LEATHER
✔ COLOR option: variable
✔ Easy To Install And Remove.

Many people say that a well chosen wrist watch is the best accessory to express our personality. It is almost a jewel. Besides its function to measure time it indicates the taste and mood of its wearer. Our precious watch can be more personal with a hand crafted watchband in a unique colour and pattern. The watchband we designed together will highlight and support the beauty of your watch. The appearance of the band will of course suit the style of the watch let it be sporty and robust, a modern smart watch, or an elegant piece. In case of the first two, practicality and extravagance matters while an elegant watch needs a finely crafted band which highlights its grace. On business negotiations every little detail matters. If a stylish watch with a suitable band complements our appearance we will feel more self-confident and secure and it will win our partners’ favour, too. Many people choose to have or to give such a band as a present for the big days (weddings, anniversaries etc.) of their lives. While making these watchbands I use special, unique, and extremely detailed techniques and you can be sure that you will not come accross an identical piece, ever. It is also true for specialized shops offering unique bands. On top of all that, I make these watchbands for the exact measurements of your wrist, let it be extremely wide or thin. By a well chosen idea watch and its band will be a spectacular accessory in our everyday lives.

Special watch strap with STINGRAY leather. Can be ordered in optional colours, after proper wrist size.


Used materials: leather, silvered metal

Leather is durable but does require some care. Do not get wet or attempt to wash as water (and any liquid) will stain. Recommend dry cleaning by a provider who specializes in leather.

DESIGN: sewed edge, carved, stitched, pierced

The vast majority of my products are exclusively made of excellent quality cow leather. The exclusive leather products are all hand-made, manufactured by a unique method.
Quality work doesn’t stop here: I design my products based on my customer’s ideas, preferred patterns and I also customize the size of the product as per their preference. Literally, each piece can be re-designed. In case technically possible, I will implement your wish and ideas.

Certainly, designing and personalization is FREE OF CHARGE. Moreover, you can further personalize your product by adding a name, initials or favorite phrase on it. Each of my products are unique, hand-made and personalized.

♥ Perfect as gift giving for him!

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Thank you for your trust and I am happy to help you highlight your unique style!

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