Sale Cheap Online Copper House Number Box, from Coppersmithkane Max 74% OFF

Copper House Number Box, from Coppersmithkane
Copper House Number Box, from Coppersmithkane

Coppersmithkane#39;s House number box.

This Copper number placard, allows you to box in your house numbers, name, or whatever you decide? Keeping them inline, and focused on.
Made from 16 ounce Copper. They can be left natural copper, (new pure copper), aged copper (multiple colors tones), weathered copper (hail dented), patina green (copper corrosion layer), or any combination you want, they are made to order.
The two placards variations in the pictures are 3.5quot; inches high by, 16quot; in length, and Each comes with 2 hooking eyelets on the back for easy mounting.
Also available are decorative diamond shape bookend caps for enhancement, each set of two is . extra.
I can make them up 12quot; inches high to 72quot; inches Long.
They increase in price by . for every 3quot; inches in size you increase.
The starting ranges from for 3.5quot; High by 12quot; Long inches.
The ones in the pictures are and are 16quot; inches Long by, 3.5quot; inches high.



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