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Branding package, business brand kit business identity, marketin
Branding package, business brand kit business identity, marketin


The Deluxe Branding Package is the best fit for any small business, startup or sole trading business. This branding package gives you everything you need to be able to make your business stand out against your competitors! The brand is more than just a logo. It is the culmination of many visual elements, to create a single piece of identity that conveys your brand to the customer. The single most valuable asset to a business is it#39;s brand. Without a brand, the business simply cannot succeed in the ever-growing market.

- - - INCLUDED - - -

• Logo/Icon
• Secondary Logo
• Colour Palette
• Typography (Fonts)
• Moodboard
• Pattern and/or gradients if needed
• Three options for stationary (Business Cards, Letterheads, etc)
• 40+ Page Brand Style Guide

- - - THE PROCESS - - -
• After you have completed the purchase, you#39;ll receive a questionnaire about your brand. Please fill it out and send it back to me as soon as you can.
• If you haven#39;t already, create a Pinterest or Behance board of your inspiration for the brand. Once this is created, send it to me.
• From here, I#39;ll start to design a more refined look for your brand. You can approve this or want a few changes. From there, I#39;ll begin starting on your logo and branding.
• You#39;ll receive a few concepts for your logo for review in the form of brand propositions. You have 3 revisions for the Logo, but can have more at an extra charge.
• After the logo is finalised, you#39;ll start to receive the rest of your requested assets, being business cards, letterheads, etc.
• After you#39;ve received all assets, including your logo, you#39;ll receive your branding style guide, which will go through your brand in-depth.

- - - HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? - - -.
The entire process will take approximately 1 month or less. This is also determined on the communications for the client and how responsive you will be throughout the process.
- - - - -

- - - PORTFOLIO - - -



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