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Razor Handmade Colorgrain Wood Double Edge Safety Gillette Mach
Razor Handmade Colorgrain Wood Double Edge Safety Gillette Mach

Handmade Double Edge Safety, Gillette Mach 3, Or Fusion Shaving

Stock Item # 1035a

· Handle

This handle was carved from a stunning piece of Colorgrain Wood.

· Razor Style Features

All my razors accept either a Gillette Mach 3, Gillette Fusion, or Safety Razor.

Bidders Choice... If no selection is made during checkout, the razor will come with a Mach 3 head.

You must choose One Or The Other!!! Leave me a note at checkout.


· Finish

This is a finely crafted, American made, handmade shaving razor. The handle on this razor was artistically turned by hand. No two are the same.

My razors are made one at a time by me at a pace that allows for the creation of the finest instruments. I do NOT use any type of duplicating equipment. That insures EVERY item I create is truly unique and ONE-OF-A-KIND. Although this razor is a beautiful piece of art, it#39;s meant and designed to be used.

The razor’s handle was finely sanded, and finished with Cyanoacrylate, which is extremely durable, highly polished and will retained its appearance. This type of finish is extremely durable and will keep your razor safe from water, oil, and the rigors of daily use. Don#39;t ever buy a wooden razor that does not have this finish, otherwise the water and oils from your hands will quickly dull and darken your razor, or cause it to crack. This process is difficult to master and takes much longer to produce. But it is essential for any quality razor.

· What’s Included In This Auction

1. The high quality razor shown in the pictures below.

2. 1 Head (Mach 3, Fusion, or Safety) and cartridge (Mach 3 and Fusion only).

3. Gift box.

4. WoodChux woodturning’s famous 100% happy customer lifetime guarantee.

· Additional Items Available

1. Mach 3 razor blade cartridges can be purchase at most grocery and department stores. If you would like more refills, they can be purchased for .50 each from me.

2. Chrome razor stands are available upon request for as low as . I make custom Shaving sets that include a matching Razor, Brush, and Stand. Please email me for more information.

All of my razors will fit the Art Of Shaving stands. You can replace the Art Of Shaving razor with one of mine for a fraction of the cost.

SpectraPly provided by Cousineau Wood Products



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