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Build your own Gameboy Advance! - Custom Order
Build your own Gameboy Advance! - Custom Order


Modern Gameboy Advance – Custom Order

Looking for something more uniquely you? Let#39;s design a custom Gameboy!

-Do you know exactly how you want your GBA to look? I’d love to make your dream a reality!
-Need a little inspiration? Have a look at the parts list for some ideas!
-Maybe you don’t exactly know what you want, but you have a theme in mind. Perfect, I’ll take care of the design!

Ideas could include: favorite colors, sports team/school colors, or wedding colors.
Whether it#39;s cute, cool, or classic - let#39;s make something fun!

All of my consoles come fully stocked with every mod you need, from the best brands available.
If the Gameboy was released today, it would include all of these features as standard. Therefore, I include them, standard, in all of my products. But the pieces are better than basic: I use parts from quality manufacturers, like RetroSix and FunnyPlaying.

I include modern connivances that I believe every handheld should have, from audio quality to the rechargeable batteries that power your new backlit screen. I love modding handhelds, so it’s my passion and pleasure to share that fun and excitement with others. Games are meant to be enjoyed.
These units make me happy, and I hope they make you happy too.

• Fully cleaned, refurbished and tested
All switches, triggers, and contacts are cleaned and tested. Resistors, Capacitors, and troublesome fuses are tested and replaced if necessary.

• New Shell, Buttons, Membranes
Clean, Attractive, and Uniquely yours! In stock handhelds come in a variety of attractive color combinations. Custom orders allow you to make your Gameboy one-of-a-kind!

• IPS v2 Backlit Screen with brightness control
From manufacturer FunnyPlaying, not only is this screen absolutely stunning, but it’s 15% larger than the screen. Every unit comes standard with brightness control! Fully protected under a handsome, scratch resistant, glass screen lens.

• CleanAmp Pro v1.1 Audio Amplifier
A custom flex cable, designed specifically for the Gameboy Advance’s audio engine, the CleanAmp Pro by RetroSix really packs a punch! Featuring louder, more immersive sound than the original system!

• CleanJuice USB-C rechargeable battery pack
A modern, eco-friendly, and convenient solution to power your Gameboy! The CleanJuice USB-C battery pack by RetroSix adds a USB-C port to the bottom of the Gameboy. No more AA batteries!

• Wrist Strap
So you don’t drop your new Gameboy!

• I take pride in my work and all of my products are rigorously tested prior to shipment.

• In-stock items are ready to ship in 1-2 business days!

• Custom handhelds are made to order and can take up to 5 weeks to arrive.

• Rush Processing is available for custom orders
(This allows me to afford expedited shipping for all necessary components, thus significantly reducing the turnaround time)

• Rush orders placed on or before December 10th will arrive before Christmas 2021.



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