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18quot; Light Grey Orb Balloon
18quot; Light Grey Orb Balloon

Our Light Grey 18 inch Orb Balloons will be the highlight of your party! For a truly stunning decoration, simply fill the balloons with helium or air and place around the room for a spectacular finishing touch!

These look show-stopping on their own or as part of a larger balloon arrangement, and are ideal for weddings, birthdays, baby showers; pretty much any kind of event you want to add something gorgeous to!

• Requires helium to float or air from a balloon hand pump if using for a balloon arch/installation.
• Take care not to damage the valve when inflating, cannot be inflated with a straw.
• Please note: these balloons are supplied flat and require inflating
• Keep inflating to iron out all of the seams, the aim is to have completely flat seams and only then will your balloon be round. (Please be assured that with the right amount of helium/air, the seams will completely disappear, just ensure you continue filling the balloon until this point).
• 18 inches / 46cm



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