Max 54% OFF Traditional Venetian mask. Mens Masquerade mask. Carnival mask. Big Sales Cheap

Traditional Venetian mask. Mens Masquerade mask. Carnival mask.
Traditional Venetian mask. Mens Masquerade mask. Carnival mask.


Kimhartministrymasks creates beautifully decorated, hand painted, masquerade masks, Venetian carnival masks, and halloween masks, . These are high-quality adult masks made for the mask collector and mask enthusiast. The masks can be worn to a costume party or they can simply be a wonderful addition to your mask collection.

This piece has been inspired by the Joker. Loosely channeling that crazy, horror energy into this beautiful finished piece, this would be the perfect gift for a discerning friend. The surface is perfectly refined and the gash of red lips are exquisitely defined. This piece is a testament to confident mark making and gestural authority. A lovely, simple and dramatic mask.

The piece is treated with many, many layers of gesso (a chalk based paint). The base mask has been imported from Venice, Italy and has an accompanying small card which certifies that fact. It is also stamped quot;Made in Italyquot; on the inside of the mask, which makes it a great gift for any mask enthusiast.
As the artist I then work on the mask, bringing many years of expertise to the process, creating a surface redolent with atmosphere and intrigue.

It is a fitted medium sized mask that fits over the entire face and can serve to completely hide ones identity if that were the objective - alternatively it could easily hang on the wall for display purposes - or simply for storage!
The mask secures at the back with a beautiful ribbon. If you would like the ribbon in a different color, please just convo me - it#39;s no problem :)

It is signed by Kim Hart, the artist.
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