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Dahlia Laurel
Dahlia Laurel

Handmade in New York
Cotton Plumetis in White Polka Dot on Black with Piping Detail
Fabric is custom made in Switzerland, 100% Cotton Plumetis on Novelty Shear.
Plumetis are raised dots that produce a feathery embroidered effect.

Lined in Black Cotton/Silk Sateen
*Lining is extremely soft
Finished with Black Soft Japanese Grosgrain Ribbon
Mask has a concealed nose bridge and pocket for filter.
Extra filter and bag provided

This Face-covering comes in Regular, Medium and Large. Please refer to the chart for your size. If you do not see your size, please email us at

**All masks are patent pending

All designer masks are hand-made in New York. Most fabrics used are either vintage or custom made by artisans. You are truly getting a one-of-a-kind mask made with love.

Care of Face-covering:
Before washing your face-covering remove the PM2.5 filter. This can be replaced once face-covering is dry.

For Cotton blend, we recommend handwashing with Woolite or similarly gentle washing product, and lay flat to dry. When dry, use the steam setting on the iron to set the shape of the face-covering.

For silk, to preserve the vibrancy of the fabric and its design, Wet Cleaning is recommended. This helps keep the luster and intensity of the color intact. Wet Cleaning is an organic form of dry cleaning without the use of chemical solvents. Through this process, your face-covering is cleaned with controlled water, and earth’s original solvent with mild yet effective detergents. Ask your neighborhood cleaners if they provide this service.

Each Face-covering comes with 2 replaceable 5-layer PM2.5 filters.
The activated carbon in the PM2.5 loses its potency overtime.
It’s recommended to change out the filter in 2-3 weeks depending on frequency of use.
We now offer replacement PM2.5 filters for purchase through our website.

Please follow me on Instagram for latest news and updates. We would love to see some of your pictures wearing your face-covering
Thank you again for your purchase. I am thrilled that you will be wearing one of my creations.



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