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Handmade brass pot
Handmade brass pot

Handmade brass vessel with tinning suitable for all types of cooking, Made by Indian artisans in a traditional way by hand hammering is a very unique gift to an Indian family or anyone else for housewarming adds earthy glow to the kitchen.

Hand hammered brass pot made by Indian artisans in a traditional way coated with tin inside making it suitable for all cooking.

Why Brass ?

Brass was used in ancient times for cooking but with modern tools taking its place this is slowly withering away, the Teflon coated non stick cookwares are harmful for your skin and hair as the Teflon leaches into your food.

Consuming food cooked in brass is very good for your body, it increases the haemoglobin count and improves immunity.

Dimensions width : 5 inch Diameter, Height : 5 inch



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