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Chicken 263-066 Latte Art Stencil
Chicken 263-066 Latte Art Stencil

This item is intended for use with powdered cocoa or cinnamon onto the foam top of a latte or cappuccino coffee. *Not all coffee/latte cups are of equivalent size! Be sure to measure the diameter of your cup before purchasing. Please contact us for more information on if this item will work for your purposes*.

These items are laser cut from food safe plastic called Mylar which is a thin, flexible material that is reusable and are MADE TO ORDER. All stencils will be 10 mils thick (0.010 inches thick) and will be white. *PLEASE NOTE: These stencils are cut with a laser printer. Because of this, certain intricate designs may come with yellow/dark brown tinted edges from the heat.

These latte art stencils (the entirety of the material itself) will measure 5.3 inches x 4.5 inches. The design in the picture measures approximately 2.6 inches x 3.3 inches. Please review the image(s) above to determine how this design is measured. All latte art stencils will include a hole in the handle for convenient storing.

These stencils are NOT dishwasher safe. SOAK IN WARM WATER WITH DISH SOAP THEN GENTLY RINSE WITH COLD WATER. LET DRY THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING AGAIN. Avoid heat (including sunlight) and store these stencils on a flat surface to avoid warping.

Our normal processing time for orders is within 72 hours from purchase, however this is subject to our current amount of processing orders, availability of materials, holidays, and any changes made after purchase.

OUR SHIPPING SERVICES DO NOT GUARANTEE SHIP TIMES AND WE DO NOT GUARANTEE REFUNDS FOR DELAYED/LOST SHIPMENTS. Please see the shipping policies we have listed in our shop at the bottom of the page:



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