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Silk Paper TEAL | petrol - flower silk, gift wrapping paper, han
Silk Paper TEAL | petrol - flower silk, gift wrapping paper, han


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Are you looking for silk paper for crafting, decorating or packaging? Then let yourself be enchanted by the variety of colours of the high-quality silk paper from SatinWrap®. The silk paper colour palette includes 69 colours plus metallic tones and patterns.

The silk paper is ph-neutral/acid-free and absolutely colour-resistant and non-bleeding with a grammage of 18.0 g/m2.

It is ideal for a variety of uses, from packaging material for high-quality products and for the production of colorful PomPoms and garlands.

The SatinWrap® silk paper is particularly environmentally friendly, as

it contains a high proportion of recycled waste paper
is completely recyclable
is produced with naturally chlorine-free biomass and thus harmful by-products are reduced
dyed or printed with an environmentally friendly ink based on soy
SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) is certified
PROVEN PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is certified
SatinWrap® is not only a choice of quality, but also of ethical awareness!

Manufactured in the USA

Gramme: 18 g/m2
Contents: colour pattern, 10 sheets, 50 sheets, 100 sheets, 480 sheets of your choice
The colour sample is an labeled material sample with a diameter of 5 cm.

Sheet size: 750 x 500 mm (equivalent to 0.375 sqm)

Basic prices:
10 sheets - 0.77 EUR/sqm
50 sheets - 0.72 EUR/sqm
100 sheets - 0.68 EUR/sqm
480 sheets - 0.25 EUR/sqm

Please note:
The appearance of colors may vary from screen to screen. Unfortunately, the color accuracy of images on the Internet cannot be insured. If you are unsure, please order a color pattern in advance for accurate color matching.



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