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Money Spell | Get Rich | Make me Rich | Same Day Spell Work | Be
Money Spell | Get Rich | Make me Rich | Same Day Spell Work | Be

Those who claim that money cant buy happiness, certainly wouldnt think that they would be happier living in the streets.

Dont let yourself be fooled by jealousy and delusions of self-resignation. There is nothing wrong with desiring money. We need it to met our most basic needs, and why not our desires?

If you understand that much, you are already at the right track, and nothing will stand in your way.

The following spell will use the powers of sigils, and a ellaborated ritual in order to turn your financial life around.

The spell seeps through your current life, looking for ways so you can have your lucky strike, most commonly it occurs in the form of:

1. Recieving a huge amount of money from a surprising source (inheritance, deposits, bank mistakes).

2. Attracting/Increasing fame.

3. Help to find a job / Help to get a promotion

4. Bring success in your business / Better business connections

5. Win in games of chance (Lottery, Gambling, etc).

6. Bring new oportunities of bussiness

7. Raising your awareness in any way which would result in financial profit.


Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Alicia Basir, and I have a ten-year experience working at the spiritual congregation quot;Casa do Pai Pedroquot;, where we solve paranatural matters.

Once you buy the Prosperity Spell, you will need to provide your full name, picture, birthday and as much as you can about your current situation. You will recieve your answer in 24 hours, and the ritual will be performed at the time-frame. Abundance is waiting!



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