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Stilbite Cluster- 37g [With Apophyllite] (High Grade, Natural)
Stilbite Cluster- 37g [With Apophyllite] (High Grade, Natural)

**THE PRICE INDICATED IS FOR ONE STILBITE CRYSTAL** [Rough crystals are uneven and irregular. Hence measurements vary and are approximate]

Approximate details: Weight = 37 grams/Length = 95 mm/Width = 20 mm/ Thickness = 20-25 mm

STILBITE: This serene and stunning crystal with its soft milky white/peach/pink/clear/green hues is a perfect heart healing crystal. The powerful energy that it blasts brings in such deep peace and calmness. It is also known to help strengthen the immune system and bring in a feeling of deep wellness within the body and mind. For those that have suffered heart ache or heart break, this crystal helps heal those wounds and replaces it with awareness and awakening to the whys and ‘how could it kind’ of turmoil. This beautiful crystal with its serene powerful energies always seem to connect us to the higher realms and sharpens the intuition. Stilbites are usually found in conjunction or as combination with Apophyllite, Heulandite and or Cavansites, hence why there are different colors embedded in their clusters. More often than not, the energies of those minerals add to the powerful healing attributes of the Stilbite.

All crystals in my store have been sourced through fair trade, cleansed and cleared under running water, with sea salt, natural sunshine and with the energy of the purest high grade Frankincense oil and ethically sourced Palo Santo incense. Above all, my crystals have been filled with the most powerful energy - love. My goal is to be totally eco-friendly and create as less waste as possible while packaging them. Hope these carefully chosen, high grade, natural crystals serve you well. It is my belief that the crystal calls out to the one it is meant to be with. Enjoy the magical blessings, deep healing and wonderful energies these crystals bring into your life!



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