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Jade necklace, raw jade necklace, Jadeite, raw green jade neckla
Jade necklace, raw jade necklace, Jadeite, raw green jade neckla

A simple natural, healing stone pendant with a raw nephrite jade mineral stone. It can be worn over the throat or heart chakra, for both men and women.

**NB: These stones have some uneven sharp points so are not recommended for use by children.


How did we make it?

* With a technique known as micro MACRAMÉ - the art of tying knots
* Using materials sourced on our travels:

Waxed polyester thread - an incredibly strong, washable, colour-fast thread

Green Jade (Nephrite) stone - see drop down list for available sizes


What else do you need to know?

The necklace may vary slightly from the one in the picture. All our stones are a lovely, green colour but do let us know if you#39;d like to see the actual one which will be yours before you purchase and we#39;ll be happy to send you photos.

* Each stone varies slightly in size - see drop down list for available sizes
* Adjustable cord length - approx maximum length 82cms (32quot;)
* Slide system close - very secure (and easy to do on your own!)
* No metal used at all
* All our items are sent out in eco-friendly, up-cycled/recycled packaging wherever possible


What properties does the stone have?

* JADE is a stone of the heart. As such it is related to the heart chakra and has a beneficial effect on all heart chakra related issues. So, of course, it can attract and enhance love of all kinds. It is also a stone of fidelity and generosity. It is also considered to be good for the physical heart and for emotional balance and stability. It is used in crystal healing for increasing self-reliance. Jade is also very helpful as a stone of abundance.

In Chinese culture, Jade eventually it came to be known as the “Stone of Heaven” and formed the bedrock of their culture. China’s religion, ceremonies, philosophy and art are all closely bound with jade stone. Confucius wrote that jade held all the most excellent qualities that men should aspire to. Yu, the Chinese word for jade stone, took on a larger meaning and was used to describe greatness and beauty. A beautiful woman was known as a “jade woman” and the highest Taoist divinity was referred to as the “Jade Emperor”.


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