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Hybrid Cut Pen Blank - 591
Hybrid Cut Pen Blank - 591

Stabilized Cherry Canary and Walnut

Blank size .78 x .78 x 5

Keeping in mind that each set of blanks are done by hand… along with it being wood or natural materials along with colored epoxy and other factors, each blank will vary.

quot;What is stabilized wood and how is it done?quot;
Short answer: Stabilizing wood is impregnating wood with a cured resin.

This is done by first drying the wood to a moisture level down to or close to 0%. From there the wood is submersed in resin and placed under vacuum up to the point where all air has been removed from the wood. At this point, the pressure is released and the wood soaks up the resin and becomes fully saturated. The final step is to cure the resin and that is done by baking the wood at 200 degrees for several hours. What you have at the end of the process is wood that is very hard, stable and heavier (and won#39;t rot). Also, during the process, you can add dyes to the resin in single or mutable steps using different dyes. When this is done properly, the dye is saturated complacently through the wood.

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