Beat Price Buy Online Basic Set (KFA+KWFA+Flashcards) +Free Notebook-Soo and Carrots K Offers UK

Basic Set (KFA+KWFA+Flashcards) +Free Notebook-Soo and Carrots K
Basic Set (KFA+KWFA+Flashcards) +Free Notebook-Soo and Carrots K

Are you ready to learn Korean from the beginning?
You can take advantage of our Basic Set and study more efficiently!
The set includes : Korean For All, Korean Writing For All, and Flashcards set
Also, you get the notebook for FREE!
(The original cost of items worth over 100USD)

From the Korean alphabet to basic grammar, reading materials about Korean culture and quizzes to test your knowledge, the Korean for All textbook has it all!

If you wish to be able to communicate with Koreans (to any degree), Korean for All serves as a guide for the first steps to getting to know Korean language and culture.

Korean Writing for All has been devised as a companion textbook to Korean for All with the purpose of aiding Korean language learners develop their writing skills.

Once you gain some confidence in basic conversation in Korean, you can proceed to the next level and step up your game. The contents have been divided into four distinct chapters: introduction, explanation and practice writing Hangeul, basic Korean words, Korean proverbs and Inspirational sentences. We have included extra practice sheets for you to be able to truly master writing Korean.

The SC Friends Flashcards are meant to improve your vocabulary, comprehension and ability to express yourself in Korean.

For an effective way to study, memorize the terms on the front of the cards.

Through repetition and by associating the words with the illustrations, you’re bound to see progress.

The front of the card introduces the Korean term, while the back of the card has the English translation with the corresponding illustration.

Each character features different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives).

The SC Study Notebook is here to complete your Korean Learning kit!

The notebook features a smooth, buttery in a lovely pastel shade of purple.
For extra motivation on your Korean learning journey, we have Susu telling you “힘내!” which means “Cheer Up!”.
The notebook comes in B5 size and there are 64 ruled pages, with a separate column on the left side of each page- suitable for writing terms to memorize, short definitions or side comments.



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