Memphis Mall Shungite Elite Noble 70gr (0.15 lbs),20-30 mm crystals 98% Fulle Buy Enjoy Discounts

Shungite Elite Noble 70gr (0.15 lbs),20-30 mm crystals 98% Fulle
Shungite Elite Noble 70gr (0.15 lbs),20-30 mm crystals 98% Fulle

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We present very rare stones directly from our homeland (Karelia) and the world#39;s only deposit of elite shungite. It is elite (or noble) shungite genuine rare stone with content 98% Fullerene C60 for water mineralization, directly from Karelia (Russia). Natural Elite shungite raw stones for collecting.

The size of each stones ~20-30mm/0,79-1,18quot;
The weight of each stone ~3-5g/0.007-0,011Lbs.
Please note that the size and weight of each elite shungite stones may vary.

Real healing shungite has unique properties and great energy. This is a very rare mineral, its field is completely exhausted. Now every grams elite shungit is harvested by only hand. Therefore, the market is full of fakes of this rare mineral. Such rocks are called shungite contains, they have no power and are only used in industry. This shungite has no fullerenes and has no any healing qualities. I was born and live In the Republic of Karelia, the home field of this unique and rare mineral. You can be sure 100% that you will receive from me only genuine elite shungite directly from Karelia.

The elite shungit contains up to 98% of the original carbon С60, and the maximum number of fullerenes. Fullerene C60 in the elite shungite located in gidratirovannom condition, so they are easily soluble in water. In bioenergy use of elite shungite is often felt most intensely. Elite shungite has a glassy glossy finish and is not painted. Due to the limited number of elite shungite it#39;s special interest for collectors. It is a brittle stone and is almost not processing.

Please note that there is currently a high risk of buying fake shungite products. To avoid this, contact our online store directly from Karelia (Russia), we are located in the capital of Karelia - the city of Petrozavodsk. We will also pack shungite products in accordance with the highest class.



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