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Greek Letter Delta Cookie Cutter
Greek Letter Delta Cookie Cutter

This item is intended for use with fondant, however certain items may also be used to cut cookie dough. These items are 3D printed using PLA plastic and are made to order.

The sizes listed for purchase are based on the longest side of the main cutter (either by height lt;top to bottomgt; or length lt;left to rightgt;). All cookie cutters will be half an inch in depth and come in red, but color may vary.

The example displayed is our 4 inch size. Please use the grid to help determine the size you require as all sizes are proportionate.

This cookie cutter comes as shown next to the finished example shown in the product image(s).

DRY PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY AFTER HAND WASHING WITH COLD WATER. These items are NOT dishwasher safe. Avoid heat (including sunlight) and excessive moisture to prevent warping.

Our normal processing time for orders is within 72 hours from purchase, however this is subject to our current amount of processing orders, availability of materials, holidays, and any changes made after purchase.

Our shipping service options are as follows:

USPS First Class
USPS Priority Mail
USPS First Class International
UPS Mail Innovations

We do NOT guarantee ship times. Contact us for more information.



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