Discounts Price Sale Printable Spanish Alphabet Flashcards -Bilingual Flashcards -Spa Denver Mall

Printable Spanish Alphabet Flashcards -Bilingual Flashcards -Spa
Printable Spanish Alphabet Flashcards -Bilingual Flashcards -Spa

A fun way to learn the Spanish alphabet!! These great flashcards are so colorful and each have an animal along with the Spanish letter. Flashcards have been proven to be one of the best ways to learn something.

Each flashcard has the letter and an animal that begins with that letter in Spanish, or has the letter in it for the letters that are never at the beginning of a word. On the flip side there is a pronunciation of the actual letter and a pronunciation of the animal name as well as the English translation.
Once you buy the file you can print them off and turn them into flashcards. There is a dotted line for folding so you have a front and back side. The solid black lines are for cutting out the cards, if you want. I#39;m going to laminate mine as well to keep my daughter from ripping the paper. These are great for learning the Spanish alphabet as well as pronunciation and animals.

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- Birthday Gift

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