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Squash Butternut Seeds 冬南瓜 - 10 Seeds
Squash Butternut  Seeds 冬南瓜 - 10 Seeds

Waltham Butternut is an heirloom variety of Winter Squash that produces 10 to 12 inch, oblong fruits. The outer skin is a creamy yellow and its inner flesh is golden yellow/orange. The inner flesh of Waltham Butternut is extremely sweet and stringless, making it one of the best varieties to bake with. The fruits themselves weigh in at roughly 4 to 6 pounds each. The plants will reach a mature height of 12 to 24 inches tall and will vine outwards, taking up roughly 6 feet of garden space. Harvest your Waltham Butternut Squash in about 95 days. Squash plants, like pumpkins, are grown as annual plants. Annuals will grow quickly, producing vines, leaves, and fruits through the warm months of summer. After harvesting the Squash from its vines, the plants will wilt soon after, with the first killing frost. Squash plants can be regrown the following season if you manage to save some of the seeds within the Squash itself.

Packet contains 10 seeds hand-packed with care.

Seed germination is controlled by environmental factors such as light, moisture, temperature, and time of seed sowing as well as by genetic factors. Sometimes grower#39;s patience plays a role in it. The same is the grower#39;s diligence to fight with the garden critters. Start plants from seeds are not suitable for everyone, please consider all these factors before placing your order.



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