Best Price The “Sequential Rose!” Glitzy glamour ruffled sequined layered l Omaha Mall

The “Sequential Rose!” Glitzy glamour ruffled sequined layered l
The “Sequential Rose!” Glitzy glamour ruffled sequined layered l

This is a limited run elegant, evening sequins themed mask.

Pricing is higher due to the amount of hand sewing required. Yet this is still a washable and reusable mask.

CADE MK MASK “Sequential Rose!”

The “Sequential Rose!” Glitzy glamour and sequined Ruffle layered lace embellished mask with velvet and satin lining. Luxury premium elite designer facial wear

The “Sequential Rose!” is a Cade MK premium luxury Designer mask from the
2021 Vid-WEAR line

NOW FEATURING: The “Sequential Rose!”

Our masks aren’t really Masks, they’re fashion statements, and they’re the best thing about 2020. You could buy a mask from an overseas sweat shop or you could buy this one... made and designed in America by a girl with a degree in aerospace engineering and an American dream. A Cade MK mask isn’t a mask, it’s a memory... because it’s a fashion statement

Product Featuring:
The “Misses Mark Anthony?” features a gold speckled beige knit with ruffled layers and accents. The haunting green shimmered black fringe is inspired by Cleopatras own iconic hair, while the gold lace represents her own royal Egyptian crowns and adornments. This mask was constructed with the the type of material you’d buy a designer shirt out of. It’s the mask you wear when you have a statement to make... a place to be... friends to impress. A creative image to live up to.

This m@sk is the kind of thing you would wear to your next costume party, or just wear it to see friends, because being interesting is what they expect of you. Maybe you’ll wear it to make a statement at work. People will remember and notice the guy or girl wearing this mask.

Your friends and co workers will show up to meetings and hang out with their off the shelf nonsense masks and you’ll be the one that’s hardly bothered by 2020. Why wear a boring mask when you can be sporting this trendy fashion detail. Cade MK VID-WEAR isn’t a mask. It’s a fashion statement.

The inside of a Cade MK mask is design just for you. You know that designer jacket you have that you show the lining to everyone? Well, this mask is just like that. The adjustable nose bridge is lined with a bold yellow velvet. The elegant gold Satin lining is designed to wick away facial sweat, and reduces the chance of breakouts as it doesn’t stick to your face like most cotton lined masks.

Now for the best part... Every Cade MK mask comes with an ANGRY NINJA.

- The “Angry Ninja” lining design. -

We call it “The Angry Ninja” it’s what you see inside the mask if you hold it upside down. There’s a reason for it. I designed it like this from my years of Aerospace engineering. The angry ninja is all about “fluid flow” and your breath, just like air, is a fluid.

At the “mouth of the ninja” A Muslin gauze breath chamber, located at your nose, allows your breath to escape away from your face, into a space that will let the moisture slowly absorb into the mask, away from your face, till you take another breath.

The eyes of the ninja are the Inner Cheek vents. This design allows for continued circulation of air so heat doesn’t build up in your mask, instead it circulated to the space between your outer mask and the lining in an area that also allows for a standard filter or N95 mask to be inserted.

The upper velvet lined, adjustable nose bridge, helps seal in your breath so it can filter out through the mask instead of escaping upwards. This also reduces the fogging of your sunglasses, glasses, or safety glasses.

The Adjustable double loop restraint elastic allows your mask to hang around your neck while driving, and with a simple gentle move, the upper strings can be slipped above each ear, without any stress or tension along the back side of your ears.

Every Cade MK mask allows a filter or N95 mask to inserted inside the mask.

We can’t say this mask prevents Covid or anything else because it’s not medically tested. This is not a medical mask. This is a fashion statement. It’s a memory and it’s a work of art.

- Lather up antibacterial hand soap in your palm.
- Rinse the mask with cold water and later with the hand soap.
- Roll up in a towel to remove excess water
- Hang to dry.
- Should be completely dry by morning.

Hot water and washing machines will deteriorate and destroy these masks and any others you have. Always use the above instructions. Cold water and antibacterial hand soap will plenty clean your mask and make it last longer. I personally have over 50 masks I wear and I hand wash all of them. Takes 30 seconds, and hang to dry.

Limited edition masks may require more careful and gentle care when “lathering” with soap.



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