Bulk Buy Cheap Tan Leather Laptop Backpack Men. Travel Rucksack, Handmade Bookb Sale Outlet With Discounts

Tan Leather Laptop Backpack Men. Travel Rucksack, Handmade Bookb
Tan Leather Laptop Backpack Men. Travel Rucksack, Handmade Bookb


CAPRA LEATHER - capraleather.com

Handcrafted in our workshop by skilled artisans. Outstanding attention to detail and premium materials makes it a unique piece.

The Tamarao Leather Laptop Backpack; functional minimalist design, made for daily use, perfect for travel or commute. Features a laptop divider, padded shoulder straps and bottom, breathable suede back, magnetic keychain and secret back pocket.

Our designer backpack is the perfect gift for men that love clean designs: simple and functional.

All Capra pieces are guaranteed for a lifetime. We design and craft them to last the duration of a person#39;s life. If any of our products ever fail, under normal use circumstances we’ll repair or replace them free of charge and cover the shipping back to you. For a warranty please contact us at margarita@capraleather.com

✓ Dedicated laptop divider
✓ Hidden back pocket. Accessible with the backpack on
✓ Breathable suede back
✓ Padded shoulder straps and bottom
✓ Double D-Ring lock system
✓ Hand-stitched zipper tabs
✓ Magnetic keychain

✓ Discreet luggage strap
✓ Linen packing cubes add on: https://www.etsy.com/listing/987995566

▸ Height: 42 cm · 16.5″
▸ Length: 29 cm · 11.5″
▸ Depth: 13 cm · 5.1″
▸ Capacity: 16 liters
▸ Weight: 1.1 kg · 2.4 lb
▸ Devices: Up to 15″. Fits up to MacBook Pro 16-inch or any smaller device.

▸ Height: 45 cm · 17.7″
▸ Length: 31 cm · 12.2″
▸ Depth: 13 cm · 5.1″
▸ Capacity: 18 liters
▸ Weight: 1.3 kg · 2.9 lb
▸ Devices: Up to 16″

Make it your own or a unique gift by engraving any word on it, maximum 13 characters.Leave your desired monogram text at the personalization box. The engraving goes where it#39;s shown in the picture. Curious how we do it? Check the video in the shop#39;s about section.

✓ Full grain leather
✓ Breathable suede
✓ Linen interior
✓ Black nickel hardware
✓ YKK ® metallic zippers
✓ Italian waxed thread
We only use the highest quality natural materials we can get our hands on. We are on the mission to locally source as much as possible and keep our ecological footprint low, stocking ourselves from the finest, environmentally conscious tanneries in Colombia.

▸ Hydrofuge: This process makes our full grain leather a slippery surface for liquids as well as resistant to water absorption for up to one hour. Perfect for winter or rainy seasons.
▸ TwoTone: Achieved during the tanning process, the wet blue leather is treated with a lighter shade that desired, giving it the base tone. Then it is treated with natural-based oils and waxes that darkens it and gets us to the desired tone.
▸ MemoryFoam: Ergonomic tech that reacts to pressure and heat to mold perfectly to your body. When unused it goes back to its original shape for a fresh start every time.

✓ Brown: https://www.etsy.com/listing/564573271
✓ Black: https://www.etsy.com/listing/550781620
✓ Grey: https://www.etsy.com/listing/519464088
✓ Dark Brown: https://www.etsy.com/listing/593921107
✓ Green: https://www.etsy.com/listing/544500198
✓ Navy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/677024408
Want the Tamarao in another color? Please send me a message, and we#39;ll craft a custom order for you.

Would you like to know more about our products? Please head to capraleather.com



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