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Felt Snowdrops in Vintage Owl Planter
Felt Snowdrops in Vintage Owl Planter

Beautiful spring felt snowdrops in a vintage stump owl planter. Snowdrops are a beautiful flower that pops up in the spring in Upper Michigan Forrests and throughout the Northern United States. You know springs here when you see them begin to pop up from under the leaves in the forest! Growing out from the adorable vintage planter. Great gift for anyone who loves wildflowers, the outdoors, vintage planters or beautiful magical snowdrops!

Snowdrops figure prominently in art and literature, often as a symbol in poetry of spring, purity, and religion. In the language of flowers, the snowdrop is synonymous with hope, as it blooms in early springtime. It is seen as heralding the new spring and new year.

The vintage planters at my shop are found at different garage sales and Auctions throughout the UP. There are no markings that I can find on this planter to identify when or who it was made by. There are also no chips that I could find anywhere on this adorable little planter, it seems to be in perfect condition. I believe the glaze on the planter is called mirror brown and guessing possibly 50’s based on the glaze. The white hand cut felt pedals on the snowdrop plants are accented with crushed light green pastel and the leaves with crushed dark green pastels to add an effect.



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