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Loppa - Menia Collection
Loppa - Menia Collection


Menia Collection takes inspiration from the iconic filter jug and it is born from the idea of having a costumized purification of our water with innovative, cheaper and 100% natural techniques.
The best way to be sure about the natural power of these three material is the experimentation in a chemical laboratory, exactly in Arace Laboratori s.r.l. of San Severo in Apulia. Thanks to Dr. Ersilia Arace, I used their chemical equipment to assemble three water filters and make all the filtration’s steps. Finally the results were sent to their analysis check lab to compare a non-potable water with a treated one and what came out was incredible: more metals than I expected were completely removed from that water.

Loppa is the second carafe of the Menia Collection. Born thanks to the previous researches on the burnt rice husk filtering depuration, this carafe is easily usable at home from everybody. Thanks to its chemical depuration power, Loppa ensures not only a really great result on water with strange smell, taste and color, but also in its molecular composition, which as a result removes excessive metals and bacterias. Loppa carafe was made with the same process of Moringa carafe and the filter with a ceramic turner.



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